Ongoing Bookkeeping


The client is engaged in the business of “delivering affordable golf equipment geared for beginners and casual players”, incorporated in 2019, located in California, United States.



The client’s business is based on Golf, and he has a great idea, a great vision, and is determined to succeed. In terms of challenges, we were facing several items such as SKU-code-specific inventory management, proper item-level sales invoicing, vendor inventory item-level bills, analysis of product profitability, sales updating portal, and sales tax returns. It was essential to calculate COGS and Inventory at the end of every month.



Our client has been in business with us for more than 1.5 years. We help the client classify transactions from credit cards, banks, and PayPal, record sales from multiple platforms such as Shopify and Amazon, and maintain quantity-wise bills from the settlement platform. We are also responsible to review and reconcile VAT amounts and filing quarterly California VAT returns.



The client outsourced the bookkeeping process to us. We provide him with proper bookkeeping services and share the financial information with him every month. We maintain good communication with this client by mail. Our suggestion was to integrate the Shopify sales platform with QBO which automatically records SKU-code-wise sales in the books and saves the client time.



As of now, we are providing monthly financials to the clients so he no longer has to worry about the record-keeping of his business. The client can spend more time on his expansion plans. Even though we had taken a huge burden off his shoulders, we will also receive extra work from them, and in this situation, they can also refer us to others.

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